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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birds Landing

By the beginning of May our two species of nesting orioles, Bullock's and Hooded, had returned to the oak grove after a migration which probably began in the dry deciduous jungles of Mexico's Pacific coast. Pictured here are male Bullock's orioles on our sugar water feeder.

Bluebirds, busy feeding their nestlings, enjoyed easy pickings after I disked the orchard exposing worms, spiders and insects.

A tree swallow in its nest box..

A tiger swallowtail butterfly.

A fence lizard.

The ranch drive is a gravel-filled former slough, an arm of Kelsey Creek; hence the presence of the groundwater forest of Valley Oaks.

California poppies.

Roses peak in May.

Eggs from Shady Rock Ranch come in many tints.