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Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Birds

The squeaking of a little brown bat alerted me to its presence on the lawn. It appeared weak, perhaps dying, one of the mysteries of the day. It latched onto a twig, which I proffered.

Ed and I took the bass boat across the lake, stopping at Ciago Lago Winery and exploring Rodman Slough.
At Ciago a variety of breeds of sheep flowed fitfully out of a creche, and clotted and clustered in an apparently stupid manner.

An arbor hung with greenness at Ciago vineyard.

Tule beds, essential to life in Clear Lake, strained in the afternoon winds on the Northeast shore.

Rodman Slough, marinating in the warmth of the day, incubates birds and fish.

Western grebes, which breed in the tule marshes of Clear Lake are distinguished from the very similar Clark's grebes in that their black facial feathers encompass their eyes. In Clark's grebes the black feathers start above the eyes.

American goldfinch and lesser goldfinches back at Two Bucks Ranch.

Bullock's oriole juvenile two weeks short of migration to Western Mexico.

Black-headed grossbeak male. Hopefully he won't end up as a cage bird in Michoacan, as did another of his kind in the patio
of the mother of Ed's sister-in-law.

Domestic geese adventured over from the neighboring ranch seeking new cuisines.