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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leaf Management

Kelsey Creek pulsed with new waters, which cut through the ford at Renfrew Crossing in late October. There were only two months, August and September, this year in which our section of creek was dry. Blackbirds gathered in the hundreds to drink and bathe at the breach.

The new flow contained hitch fry which had been sequestered in permanent water upstream. Mergansers discovered the minute
fish at once. Merganser feathers matted a rock above a pool.

For reasons I have yet to comprehend creek beds in California are invariably used as roads.

Barn owl feathers scattered near the creek.

Puff balls and seedlings emerged from newly moistened earth.

At the ranch it is raking and sweeping season as we are inundated by oak leaves.

Sunflower seeds were harvested by oak titmice.

Ed's canning season is at an end. He has put up tomatoes, cucumber pickles, string beans, peaches, pears, and fig, blackberry, strawberry, and loquat jams.