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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cotton In The Air

The cottonwoods let loose flurries of down enclosing tiny seeds. Seedlings may establish themselves in irrigated spots or along the creek. Much down drifts into windrows or clogs window screens.

Spring rains have brought forth a luxuriant growth of grass, which is soon matted down by more rain.

A spider caught flies within the yellow chamber of a California poppy.

A variety of tiny native bees and flies pollinated native and non native blooms.

The pear orchards were blasted with another dose of pesticides.

Tree swallows are nesting in a dozen boxes on the ranch. They coined the word "twitter".

The African morning sound of ring neck doves issues from the dovecot at Shady Rock Ranch. It differs from the "mourning"
sound of our native doves.

The prophets say the creek will flow into summer this year.

A male Western tanager bathed in the font on May 16. You'll have to take my word for it.